In consideration of a non refundable $150.00 per animal pet fee, which is shall be non-
refundable, Management has granted Resident, both of whom are described in a Standard Real
Estate Lease Agreement (herein after “Lease”), permission to keep the following pet(s) (“pet”
whether singular or plural) at the Property (as described in Lease):

Pet Type:  ____________ Sex:____ Weight:______  Color:__________  Name:____________

Pet Type:  ____________ Sex:____ Weight:______  Color:__________  Name:____________

Additional pets after the signing of this Agreement and Lease will incur a $15.00 charge per pet to
the monthly Lease and the additional pet charges will be included as part of the monthly rent. All
pet approvals are subject to insurance agent’s approval.

No animal of any kind, not provided for and described on this Lease shall be allowed without the
full written consent of Management. Resident understands and acknowledges that should any
local ordinance or Lease violations that can be attributed directly or indirectly to the pet will
require the Resident to immediately remove pet involved from property within 7 days after
receiving written notice from Management or local governing board. Resident hereby agrees to
the following terms and conditions:
•        Keep the pet under control at all times, and, keep the pet restrained, but not tethered, when
it is outside Resident’s dwelling.
•        Not leave the pet unattended for any unreasonable periods.
•        Dispose of the pet’s droppings properly and quickly.
•        Not leave food or water for the pet, or any other animal, outside the dwelling.
•        Keep pet from causing any annoyance or discomfort to others and will remedy immediately
any complaints by Management.
•        Dispose of the pet’s offspring within eight weeks of birth.
•        Pay immediately for any damage, loss, or expense caused by the pet and, in addition. This
added deposit, or what remains of it when pet damages have been assessed, will be returned to
Resident within 30 days after Resident proves the pet is no longer kept on the premises.
•        Management reserves the right to revoke permission for pet to be allowed on Property
should Resident violate this agreement or cause any damage to the Property from any approved
or unapproved, visiting or permanent, indoor or out door pet.
•        If Management is charged a higher insurance at any time during the lease as a result of ant
pets Resident will either: (a) permanently remove pets from property so that insurance rates go at
least down to where they were, or, (b) compensate Management in the amount of rate hike.
•        Resident agrees to be fully liable for damages and injuries to Property and/or people which
might be caused by animals.
•        Pay for the removal of any animals not properly listed and approved is this Pet Addendum.
•        Provide Management with a true and accurate photo of all and any pets staying at Property,
temporary or permanent.
•        PREVENT and FORBID listed animals to be in Property or on premises (list compiled from
Center for Disease Control on dog breeds involved in dog-bite-related fatalities).

Management and Resident further agree that Resident is fully responsible for all costs and
occurrences of and by pet, authorized or not, and, Management and owner will not be liable for
any damages or losses to person or property caused by Resident’s pet. By signing Resident
understands and agrees to this

______________________________                 _____________________________                  
Resident (1) Signature                                         Resident (2) Signature
  • any wolf hybrid
  • snakes longer than 4 feet
  • any animal with a history of bitting or causing harm
Currently the disallowed animals are:
A pet agreement is required if you will have any animals on the grounds.
Below is a copy of the agreement. Prices and fees change according to the
insurance policy; the current pet fee is $150 per pet.
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